What Services Do Commercial Property Agents Offer?

If you are a commercial investor, developer, or a business seeking premise then acquiring the right business advice is critical. Commercial property agents can help your company focus on its needs whilst ensuring continuous management of the business’s work environment. Commercial property services include; landlord and tenant services, property management, valuations, leasing and acquisition as well as advice on investment and development.Landlord & Tenant ServicesCommercial property agents offer expert and extensive advice to businesses on a broad range of matters commonly broached by landlords and tenants. Examples of the available services are; the supplying of pre lease advice in order to discuss rentals, the potential impact on income and the obligations of lease, providing of expert witness reports for those involved in litigation of property value or other property issues, designation of representatives to present cases to arbitrators or independent experts on request of rent review or valuation negotiations, assignment of arbitrators to oversee requests, arrangement of competitive repair quotations and advice on the extent of obligations within repairing liabilities and highlighting of impacts on capital value for landlords as well as savings for tenants on lease restructure.By providing clients with the following services, recommendations and guidance, companies and individuals then have the best understanding for selecting decisions that will minimise impacts upon company income and profitability.Property ManagementMany businesses seek help to manage their property assets to make the most of their revenue and capital growth. The property management services that are offered by Commercial property agents can include; rent collection and accounting, service charge administration, health and safety management, building maintenance and renovation, rent review and lease renewal, and asset maximisation advice.ValuationsCommercial property agents are able to provide clients with rich experience in valuing property, whether this may be for loan security, partnerships, acquisition, disposal or tax purposes. Additionally, market appraisals, rental valuation assessments, or building insurance purposes can be advised.Leasing & AcquisitionCommercial property agents can analyse your specific requirements and help find you a premises that is tailored to your needs. By find you the right potential office facilities they can help you throughout the whole process from initial research of properties to negotiation, whether it may be negotiating reduced rental levels, capital contributions or acquiring rent-free periods.Advice On DevelopmentCommercial property agents can advise property, landowners and developers on a number of commercial schemes, from new buildings, alterations to existing buildings and refurbishments. Providing you with a regular review of a property’s performance and potential is important to identify whether changes are needed for the future. For example, you may be contemplating expanding your business and they can help you review all aspects of your existing operations, and also provide you with practical advice on the costs of expansion. From routine repairs to major development commercial property agents can help to maintain and grow the value of managed properties.

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