Acai Berry As Dietary, Medicinal, Cosmetic and Commercial Product

Acai Berries are actually popularly known today as a dietary medicine that claims to be instrumental in losing weight for fat people. This claim is misleadingly associated from its use as an antioxidant that fights free radicals of the body. However, this shall not lessen the credibility of the scientifically proven benefits of this herbal plant.As a plant, Acai Berries have at least two (2) major and essential components, namely anthocyanins and flavonoids. On the one hand, the anthocyanin is the one that is responsible for the fruit to be dark-colored like blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, blackberry ad strawberry and other berries that we all know. On the other hand, the components of the flavonoids of this kind of herbal berry are the ones responsible for the antioxidant function of this plant. By having flavonoids in its components, these plants are able to terminate the chain reaction that is executed by a number of free radicals in our body that damages our cells. Taking in the right amount of its fruits with antioxidant properties, like Acai Berry plants, the chances of having health problems aggravated by oxidative damages such as heart diseases, macular degeneration, diabetes, diarrhea, and even cancer, can be lessened significantly.Recently, this is being advertised as a dietary medicine that is believed to be very effective and capable in the field of weight loss. The fruit is packed in the forms of tablets or capsule, juice, yogurt or powder. However, there is no reliable study yet stating that the Acai Berry can directly help a person to lose weight. Researches on this plant are currently focused on its claimed capability to eliminate excess fats from the body and other benefits of its antioxidant property.Other than being a dietary and medicinal product, Acai Berry is also being utilized as an essential component of beauty products. This is because of the Acai Oil, which is abundant in antioxidant and anti-aging essentials like Vitamin C, fatty acids, phytosterols and anthocyanins.The leaves of this berry is also being used as raw materials for several commercial products like hats, mats, baskets and the like.The most important aspect about this Acai Berry is that it has no adverse or side effects to the body since it is a natural food, unless a person has pollen allergies and hypersensitivity to berry products. However, this is only true for products that are 100% naturally made from this plant. I have said this because there are already some commercial products, especially in cosmetics and dietary supplements, which add other substances that might give side effects to the person who takes those Acai Berry products.Nevertheless, even if it is a natural or herbal plant, this aspect does not give us a license to just immediately try it out without asking our respective doctors first. I have said this because it is still a very good practice, which shall be a standard to everything we do, to consult the experts first if it is really medically applicable to us or not. This way, we will also know if our money is going to somewhere that is right and appropriate.Aside from that, there is a big difference between what is “generally” and “universally” applicable. I doubt if there is a single dietary product, or any kind of commercially available cosmetic product that is absolutely applicable for anyone. Well, this is also because I do believe that every person has his or her own medical identity. Hence, what I am trying to say is that there are some products, most especially when it comes to health-related products, that might be applicable to your friends, but not to you. This can also be possible the other way around.

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